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0CYP309: Cyprus
1894 to 1904 — 2 pages from the Royal Swedish General Post Office UPU Collection — the SPECIMEN stamps SG cat value £800
Price £600
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CYP006: Cyprus
!880 1 shilling superb used block of 4 {KK-LL] cancelled 969 at Nicosia ~ the only block of this quality and the only multiple used outside Larnaca ~ ex Richardson [Robson Lowe, 1956] SG6
CYP007v: Cyprus
1881 GB 1d plate 215 overprinted CYPRUS and additionally surcharged HALF-PENNY ~ the handstamped surcharge is very displaced vertically and shows the lower half of one impression at the top of the stamp and the upper part of another impression at the foot of the stamp ~ SG 7 var (cat £800 as normal) ~ a striking error on one of the rarest plates
Price £975
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CYP009: Cyprus
1921-23 wmk Mult Script CA 1pi violet & red, 1½pi, 2pi carmine & blue, 2¾pi, 9pi overprinted SPECIMEN type D12 and 10pa grey & yellow, 30pa green, 6pi, 18pi, 45pi overprinted SPECIMEN type D16 - all 10 in strips of three - affixed to pieces of archive sheet and cancelled 3-line SPÉCIMEN / COLLECTION / MAURITANIE - UNIQUE items from the Mauritania Post Office UPU specimen collection
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CYP0102: Cyprus
1881 Larnaca to London ~ GB 2d postal stationery registered envelope with a horizontal pair of GB 1d plate 220 overprinted CYPRUS and surcharged 30 PARAS cancelled 942 at Larnaca. One or more stamps missing, embossed stamp paying registration fee on flap missing, some water stains and other blemishes. Only one other cover with these adhesives recorded. SG10 (220).
Price £1,250
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CYP022s: Cyprus
1886 Queen Victoria Die I wmk CA perf 14 12 piastres overprinted SPECIMEN Samuel type D12 ~ a very difficult early specimen as only 100 were sent to the UPU for distribution (one to each member)
SG 22s (£2250)
Price £1,950
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CYP1892: Cyprus
1892 1 piastre reply paid postal stationery card ~ H&G 8 ~ handstamped SPECIMEN Samuel type CY1
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CYPps15: Cyprus
1924 KGV ¼ piastre wrapper overprinted SPECIMEN and additionally handstamped COLONIAS type 3 ~ horiz fold as always ~ very neat and attractive ~ H&G 13 ~ I&P 15s
Price £150
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CYPwat: Cyprus
1938 Waterlow Printer's Sample Stamps ~ all six recorded values in marginal pairs and five singles on pieces from sample book ~ each stamp punched with a 1.5mm diameter hole ~ an attractive group
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