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0GTM633: Guatemala
1871 to 1903 2 pages (the second with stamps on front and back) from the Royal Swedish General Post Office UPU Collection
including 1886 (July) lithographed set of 11 handstamped GUATEMALA in a circle type CX1
and 1897 Central American Exhibition set of 14
and numerous provisional issues
a splendid record of stamps sent as specimens to the UPU for distribution to members
Price 525
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GTM-U: Guatemala
1886-1953 ~ UPU reference collection ~ complete with all stamps sent to the UPU overprinted SPECIMEN or with other form of protection ~ includes 1886 set of 11 cancelled type CX1 in strips of 5 ~ mounted on 5 pages
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GTM1950: Guatemala
1950 Tourist Promotion postage set of 5 in blocks of 10 with sheet margin on 3 sides handstamped MUESTRA type [1]
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