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0JAM703: Jamaica
1888 to 1903 page (with stamps on front and back) from the Royal Swedish General Post Office UPU Collection the SPECIMEN stamps SG cat value 650
Price 400
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JAM001: Jamaica
1860 wmk Pineapple 1d, 2d, 4d, 6d imperf with clear margins and original gum (except 1d) overprinted SPECIMEN type D2 ~ SG 1s, 2s, 4s, 5s
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JAM108: Jamaica
1912 1d postal stationery card overprinted SPECIMEN [UPU] H&G 26 - VF
Price 20
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JAM116: Jamaica
1919 MCA 1d overprinted SPECIMEN type D9 - unusual use of this type on specimens sent to the UPU SG 80
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JAM1949: Jamaica
1949 75th Anniversary of the UPU set of four handstamped SPECIMEN by an unidentified postal authority
Price 225
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JAMF01: Jamaica
1947 6d air letter overprinted SPECIMEN type D{18} ~ the only Jamaica air letter and the last item of Jamaica postal stationery sent to the UPU ~ H&G F1
Price 60
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JAMF07: Jamaica
1858 Postal Fiscal 1s and 5s handstamped SPECIMEN Samuel type GB2 (Nicholson type N15) by the Inland Revenue (control of production of stamps for Jamaica did not pass to the Crown Agents until 1862) ~ SG F7s, F8s ~ RRR
Price 400
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