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NAU-GOA: Nauru
1924 Freighter set CTO 'P.O. NAURU / (PLEASANT ISLAND)', 1935 Silver Jubilee and 1937 Coronation sets both handstamped SPECIMEN in green by Portuguese post office on archive sheet ex Goa UPU collection ~ also another sheet with later values
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NAU-MAR: Nauru
1901 Marshall Islands 'Yacht' set of 13 as used in Nauru until 6 November 1914. Most unusually sent to the UPU for distribution to other members in normal unused condition (normal UPU distribution is of stamps overprinted 'Specimen').
In this instance the stamps were sent to the Portuguese Post Office in Lisbon where they were handstamped ULTRAMAR in blue before being forwarded to the Portuguese Colonies.
Affixed to part of a page from the Goa Post Office archives. Michel 13-25SP var (normal specimens cat 1300).
Price 850
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NAU012: Nauru
1916 stamps of Great Britain overprinted NAURU ~ King's head 1s, Waterlow 10s, De La Rue 2s6d, 5s all overprinted SPECIMEN type GB23 ~ SG 12, 18, 19, 22 ~ cat 1760 ~ NO GUM
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