New Zealand

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NZ-lit: New Zealand
The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Volumes I to VIII of this important handbook published by the Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand between 1938 and 1998 ~ Volumes II, III and V to VIII with jackets (earlier ones with some defects) ~ Volume II is complete with all six die proofs and interleaving ~ PRICE REDUCED FROM 675
Price 450
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NZ453b: New Zealand
1920 Victory set of six each handstamped SPECIMEN type BEC2a and with characteristic green crayon line ~ ex Bechuanaland Post Office archives ~ SG453-458
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NZ459: New Zealand
1922 TWO PENCE on 1920 d Victory ~ single ex Bechuanaland Post Office archives ~ vertical strip of three (top stamp fault} ex Madagascar archives ~ vertical strip of three ex Mauritania archives ~ SG459 ~ a splendid trio
Price 350
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