Philippines (US Administration)

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PHUS: Philippines (US Administration)
UPU specimen stamps of the Philippines under US administration are listed and priced in the Stanley Gibbons United States of America catalogue – 8th edition 2015
PHUS-T: Philippines (US Administration)
Philippines ~ U.S. Administration and Republic. The Tunisia Post Office UPU Specimen Collection ~ 1899 to 1951. 312 stamps as distributed by the UPU affixed to 13 album pages including: 1899-1899 to 10c, 1901 Postage Due set of 7, 1901 Special Delivery 10c, 1903-04 to 6c ~ these all U.S. issues overprinted ‘PHILIPPINES'; 1911 set to P10; 1917-26 Portraits and Arms set of 14 and 1926 Palace set of 7 all overprinted Scott ‘Specimen’ type R; 1925-31 imperf set of 14 with B.P.A. Expertising Ltd photo certificate; 1935 pictorial set of 14 with each handstamped ’SPECIMEN’ in semi-bold sans-serif caps (12.8x2.6mm) by the Tunisian Receiving Postal Authority with B.P.A. Expertising Ltd photo certificate, and much, much more. (Illustrations of four pages shown; scans of other pages are available).
Price £3,000
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PHUS-U: Philippines (US Administration)
Complete UPU specimen reference collection mounted on 2 album pages
1917 2c to P1 (excl 16c Sampson), 1923 16c, 1926 P10, 1919 Special Delivery 20c, 1926 Legislative Palace set 2c to P1
all overprinted 'Specimen' Scott type R
SG 332/351s, E353s, 353/366s cat £1175
Price £900
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