South Australia

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0SAU887: South Australia
3 pages from the Royal Swedish General Post Office UPU Collection with Chalons imperf/roulette 1d green, 1d yellow-green, 2d rose, 2d orange, 6d dark blue, 6d pale blue, 6d violet, 1/- brown, 1/- yellow & 1/- red-brown, plus perf 6d blue & 1/- red-brown all ‘REPRINT’ ovpt; PB New Designs imperf/roulette 9d grey, 10d on 9d yellow & 10d on 9d red-orange, perf red 3d on 4d blue, black 3d on 4d blue, 4d deep lilac, 4d purple, 8d on 9d brown, 9d lilac & 2/- carmine all ‘REPRINT’ ovpt; DLR Issues ½d on 1d (red ‘REPRINT’), ½d brown bantam, 1d & 2d all ‘REPRINT’ ovpt, plus ½d green Bantam imperf unoverprinted proof; DLR Issues 3d, 2½d, 4d, 5d & 6d type 4, 2½d & 5d Surcharges type 2; Postage & Revenue 2/6d to £20 original issue of 13 type 4 (12½mm), £5 brown type 6 (15mm); Other Issues ½d brown Bantam, 1d green, 2d orange, 9d purple & 2/- carmine Type 4 (12½mm); 1899 Issues ½d, 1d, 2d & 2½d all CTO. 57 items.
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