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BAR064: Barbados
1873 5s dull rose handstamped SPECIMEN type BAR1 exceptionally fine with full original gum SG 64s
Price 300
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BAR153v: Barbados
1907 Kingston Relief Fund 1d on 2d 2 copies of which one with overprint and surcharge inverted affixed to part of an album sheet from the Tunisia Post Office archive both handstamped SPECIMEN type TUN1 (one handstamp ties the stamp to the fragment) SG153v, 153av
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BAR1949: Barbados
1949 75th Anniversary of the UPU set of four handstamped SPECIMEN in black or in red by an unidentified postal authority
Price 225
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BAR240: Barbados
1927 Tercentenary 1d overprinted SPECIMEN Type B7 [UPU] - this is the only stamp with this Bradbury, Wilkinson overprint SG240s cat 55
Price 40
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BAR248cs: Barbados
1941/43 d bistre, 1d blue-green, 2d carmine, 5s new colours and 2d claret new denomination perforated SPECIMEN type D20 SG 248cs, 249bs, 250cs, 250ds, 256as
Price 150
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