British Honduras

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BRH062: British Honduras
1898-99 50c, $1, $2, $5 overprinted SPECIMEN type D12 and additionally handstamped ULTRAMAR in blue by the Portuguese Postal Authorities ~ SG 62-65s var
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BRH110: British Honduras
1913 $5 overprinted SPECIMEN type D12 hinge remainder SG110s
Price 40
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BRH116: British Honduras
1917 1 cent overprinted 'WAR' in small serifed capitals additionally handstamped SPECIMEN type BEC2a after receipt by the Bechuanaland Post Office rounded lower left corner but unique SG116 var
Price 45
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BRH1949: British Honduras
1949 75th Anniversary of the UPU set of four handstamped SPECIMEN in black or in red by an unidentified postal authority
Price 225
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