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CAN000: Canada
see also Newfoundland
CANT133b: Canada
1897 'Jubilee' 3c, 20c to $5 ~ the 3c handstamped SPECIMEN in semi-bold sans-serif caps (12.82.6mm) by the Tunisia Post Office, the 20c handstamped SPECIMEN in sans-serif caps (132.4mm) ~ the 50c to $5 handstamped SPECIMEN in seriffed caps (15.52.6mm) ~ SG126, 133s/140s ~ Scott 53, 59-65 ~ affixed to part of an archive page from the Tunisia UPU reference collection ~ copy of BPA Expertising photo certificate (2015) for the whole page included
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CANTD1b: Canada
1906 Postage Due 1c, 2c, 5c (the 1c with defect at top left corner, the 2c with trimmed perforations at foot) ~ SGD1-3 ~ Scott J1, J2, J4
Price 150
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