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0FIJ935: Fiji
1890 to 1902 page from the Royal Swedish General Post Office UPU Collection the SPECIMEN stamps SG cat value 325
Price 175
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FIJ-mm: Fiji
1930 proof impressions of meter marks sent as specimens to the UPU for distribution to other members ~ d, 1d, 3d and 6d ~ each handstamped 'Especimen' by the Portuguese Post Office ~ very fine and scarce
Price 275
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FIJ138: Fiji
1916 d, 1d locally overprinted WAR TAX and SPECIMEN type FJ1 - SG138, 9s - cat 140
Price 95
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FIJ255s: Fiji
1942 2d green and magenta new colour and 2d new denomination perforated SPECIMEN type D20 SG 255s, 256s
Price 80
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