Falkland Islands & Dependencies

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FALD0s: Falkland Islands & Dependencies
Falkland Islands 1941 1d black & violet, 2d black & carmine-red new colours and 3d black & blue new denomination perforated SPECIMEN type B9 SG 148s, 150s, 153s
Dependencies 1944 Graham Land, South Georgia, South Orkneys and South Shetlands d to 1s sets of 8 overprinted on Falkland Islands KGVI issues perforated SPECIMEN type B9 SG A1s/A8s, B1s/B8s, C1s/C8s, D1s/D8s (4ף650)

All are lightly hinged to two pages, the first headed 'FALKLAND IS', from an album presented to Senator The Honourable W.P. Ashley 'in commemoration of his occupancy of the office of Postmaster General [of Australia] during the period from 7th October 1941 to 2nd February 1945'.
See items FALD1s and FALD2s for images of the individual pages
Price 2,250
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FALD1s: Falkland Islands & Dependencies
page 1 - see item FALD0s for details
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FALD2s: Falkland Islands & Dependencies
page 2 - see item FALD0s for details
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