French Colonies (General Issues)

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FRGCsp1: French Colonies (General Issues)
page believed to be from a ca. 1903 Maury album with examples of all adhesives and cut-outs of postal stationery available in ca. 1890
Alphée Dubois type 1881 1c to 20c, 35c to 1F, 1886 25c black/rose (by 1886 the colour of the 25c had been changed and the 30c was no longer in use)
1884 postage due 5c to 5F
1889 10c and 25c post cards, 5c and 15c envelopes, and 1c, 2c and 5c wrappers
all of the above show 'Specimen' in black in a type seen only on items affixed to ca. 1890 Notices displayed in Post Offices in Indo-China
Price £1,500
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