French Somali Coast

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FRSOM-U: French Somali Coast
1893-1933 ~ UPU reference collection ~ complete with all stamps sent to the UPU overprinted or handstamped SPÉCIMEN or 'S' ~ includes Obock 1893 2fr in strip of 5 and 5fr ~ Djibouti 1894 set (2 values in pairs, 2 values in blocks of 4) ~ 25fr (2 copies, one with inverted 'S'), 50fr (2 copies one with 'S' at top instead of at foot believed unique) ~ 1902 surcharges on 1894 issue handstamped ULTRAMAR, and 1903 to 1933 apparently complete handstamped SPECIMEN type BEC2a ex Bechuanaland UPU Specimen collection ~ mounted on 8 pages.
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FRSOM020: French Somali Coast
1894 25F and 50F very fine unused with wide margins and large part original gum — Yv 20, 21 (€2050)
Price £875
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FZCS39: French Somali Coast
Three examples of every stamp distributed by the UPU between October 1939 and June 1942 ~ the stamps (in strips of three) are affixed to parts of album pages and cancelled three-line SPÉCIMEN / COLLECTION / MAURITANIE ~ 48 stamps ~ Yv 177-192.
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