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GIB001s: Gibraltar
1886 (1 Jan) Bermuda types overprinted GIBRALTAR ~ d to 1s set of 7 ~ additionally overprinted SPECIMEN type D12 ~ a very difficult set as only 100 were made for distribution by the UPU (one set to each member) ~ somewhat disturbed original gum otherwise in unusually fine condition ~ SG1-7s (cat 5,500)
Price 3,850
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GIB098: Gibraltar
1921-27 wmk Script CA 1s, 2s, 4s and 8s overprinted SPECIMEN types D16, D16x, D12x hinge remainders SG98s/101s
Price 150
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GIB123bs: Gibraltar
1943 1d slate-violet new colour perforated SPECIMEN type D20 SG 123bs
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GIB1949: Gibraltar
1949 75th Anniversary of the UPU set of four handstamped SPECIMEN in black or in red by an unidentified postal authority
Price 300
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