German Colonies - Marshalls

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GCMS001B: German Colonies - Marshalls
1897 'Berner' set of 6 — very fine — photo cert Jδschke-Lantelme (2019) — Mi 1B-6B (€2500)
Price £1,000
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GCMS007: German Colonies - Marshalls
1901 Yacht set of 13 overprinted 'Specimen' — very fine — Mi 13s/25s (€1300)
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GCMS007U: German Colonies - Marshalls
1901 'Yacht' set of 13 handstamped ULTRAMAR in blue affixed to part of a page from the Goa Post Office archives.
This set was sent by the UPU in normal unused condition as received to the Portuguese Post Office in Lisbon where the stamps were handstamped ULTRAMAR before distribution to the Portuguese Colonies.
Note that many archives, including that of the Royal Swedish Post Office, contain this set, and corresponding sets for the other German Colonies, without a 'Specimen' overprint.
Mi 13/25var
Price £1,200
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GCMSP10: German Colonies - Marshalls
1901 5pf + 5pf postal stationery reply card overprinted 'Specimen' — very fine — Mi P10 (€175)
Price £75
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