Italian Post Offices Abroad

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0ITP227: Italian Post Offices Abroad
1874 to 1903 2 pages from the Royal Swedish General Post Office UPU Collection
with 'ESTERO' overprint on 1874 set of 9 to 2L and on 1879 set of 6 to 2L
and 1901 set of 3 overprinted 'ALBANIA' surcharged in Turkish currency and set of 3 without overprint but surcharged in Turkish currency
and 1893 25c without overprint but surcharged '1 PIASTRA 1' in red for use at LA CANEA (Crete)
and 1901 25c overprinted 'LA CANEA' (Crete) and surcharged '1 PIASTRA 1' in black
and 1901 25c overprinted 'BENGAZI' (Libya) and surcharged '1 PIASTRA 1'
a most varied and interesting group
Price 525
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