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0NAT525: Natal
1874 to 1903 2 pages from the Royal Swedish General Post Office UPU Collection the SPECIMEN stamps SG cat value 2500+
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NAT071: Natal
188489 d dull green, 1d carmine, 2d keyplate Die I, 3d grey, 4d (LL corner defect), 6d, 1s orange overprinted POSTAGE in red, and 5s maroon all handstamped SPECIMEN type NA1 hinge remainders SG 71s, 97as, 99as, 101s, 102s. 103s, 107s, 108s
as described in UPU Specimen Stamps 18781961 these stamps were distributed in mint condition this is confirmed by the illustration from the Royal Swedish Post Office collection on this web site these handstamped examples are rare especially as a complete set
also included are cut-outs of the contemporary d and 1d postal stationery cards also handstamped SPECIMEN type NA1 H&G 1, 2
Price 2,250
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NAT106a: Natal
1887 2d keyplate CA Die I overprinted SPECIMEN type D12 ~ SG106s ~ cat 100
Price 75
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NAT108: Natal
1888 1s orange overprinted POSTAGE in red handstamped SPECIMEN type NA1 ~ SG108s ~ this stamp was normally distributed in mint condition and handstamped examples are rare
Price 175
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NAT109: Natal
1891 TWOPENCE/HALFPENNY on 4d handstamped SPECIMEN type NA1 ~ SG109s ~ cat 75
Price 60
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NAT113: Natal
1891 2d bright blue handstamped SPECIMEN type NA1 ~ SG114s ~ cat 75
Price 60
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NAT113a: Natal
1891 2d bright blue strip of three handstamped SPECIMEN type NA1 ~ SG113s ~ cat 225++
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NAT114: Natal
1895 'POSTAGE/Half-Penny' on 6d ~ handstamped SPECIMEN type NA1 ~ SG114s ~ cat 60
Price 45
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NAT114a: Natal
1895 'Half-Penny' and horizontal bars on 6d violet wmk Crown CC reversed in a strip of five each stamp handstamped SPECIMEN in violet type NA2 fresh colour and superb large part OG SG114s (300+)
Price 300
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NAT125: Natal
1895 HALF on 1d ~ handstamped SPECIMEN type NA1 ~ SG125s ~ cat 65
Price 40
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NAT131: Natal
KE VII d, 1d, 2d, 2d, 3d, 4d and 5d all handstamped 'SPECIMEN.' type NA2 diagonally~ these originate from a presentation set made in ca. 1904 as described by Samuel p171 (who omits the 2d) and not from the Natal UPU reference collection in which all stamps were handstamped horizontally
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