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NIU-T1: Niue
Album page, headed 'Niue (Nouvelle Zelande GB)', from Tunisia Post Office archive, bearing 10 stamps - 1935 Silver Jubilee set - 1d, 2d & 6d, 1932-36 optd Type 13, 1d variety Narrow 'K' in 'KING', 6d Narrow 'N' in 'KING' (SG69a, 70, 71a) - each handstamped 'SPECIMEN' in semi-bold sans-serif caps (12.82.6mm) - applied by the Tunisian Receiving Authority, with 1937 Coronation set 1d-6d (SG72-74), 1938 Pictorial 1s - perfs discoloured at left, 2s, 3s and 1940 3d on 1d (SG75-78), with manuscript annotation '10' in right margin. BPA cert (2015).
Price 500
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