New South Wales

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NSW187: New South Wales
1865 De La Rue no wmk 1d dull red overprinted SPECIMEN type D2 ~ separated with scissors at top and foot ~ wing margin at right ~ no gum. SG187.
Price 275
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NSW241: New South Wales
188586 10s overprinted POSTAGE in blue and SPECIMEN type 18 in a strip of 3 U/M a superb and attractive multiple SG 241as
Price 195
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NSW253: New South Wales
1888 Centenary set of 6 optd 'Specimen' type 16 SG253s/258s (200)
Price 125
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NSWD01: New South Wales
1891 postage due set of 10 optd SPECIMEN type 4 SG D1s/D10s (225)
Price 150
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NSWD30: New South Wales
1891-92 postage due d, 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d, 6d and 8d all overprinted SPECIMEN or Specimen type 4 or 16a and neatly cancelled '??4' between bars so as to obscure the overprints - part OG - status unknown. SG D1-7.
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NSWT1: New South Wales
One full and one large-part page from the Tunisia Post Office archives headed in manuscript 'Nouv. Galles du Sud' with an example of every postage, Postage Due and Official stamp included in the 2 Nov 1892, 8 Nov 1892, 15 Dec 1892 and 24 Apr 1897 distributions ~ all overprinted SPECIMEN or Specimen types 4, 15, 16, 16a, 18 or 19 ~ SG cat ca. 1800
Price 1,200
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