South West Africa

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SWA049: South West Africa
1927 pictorial stamps of South Africa overprinted vertically 2d, 3d, 1/-, 10/- horizontal pairs handstamped SPECIMEN type SA5 SG49s/51s, 54s (400)
Price 275
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SWA1949: South West Africa
1949 75th Anniversary of the UPU set of three pairs handstamped SPECIMEN in black by an unidentified postal authority
Price 300
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SWASPS: South West Africa
from the Francis Kiddle award-winning collection of South West Africa Postal Stationery
All items were overprinted SPECIMEN type SWA1 (476mm) in red diagonally from BL to TR by the Union Government Printer.
5 post cards: H&G 1a, 1a[BEC], 2, 2[BEC], 2a.
9 registered envelopes: H&G C3a, C3b, C3b[BEC], C4, C4[UPU], C4a, C4a[BEC], C4a[UPU], C4b.
8 newspaper wrappers: H&G E1, E1[UPU], E2, E2[BEC] rather crumpled, E3, E3[BEC], E4, E4[UPU].
The 6 items annotated [BEC] are additionally handstamped SPECIMEN type BEC2a and are from the Bechuanaland Protectorate UPU collection and are the only examples in private hands, the other two are in the National Postal Museum and the British Library collections.
The 4 items annotated [UPU] are additionally handstamped with a numbering machine to show a 4-digit year of issue and originate from the UPU's own collection and are believed to be unique.
A total of 22 items in VF condition (one exception noted).
Price 1,450
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