Western Australia

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0WAU883: Western Australia
2 pages from the Royal Swedish General Post Office UPU Collection with Specimen Ovpt 1889-92 the complete set comprising on 1865 1/-, 1871-73 3d, 1882-85 6d, 1885-93 d, 2d, 4d, 1/-, & 1888 1d, 2d, 4d all Type 1 and 1892 2d and 5d Samuel Type D12; Mint Stamps 1893 d on 3d pale brown & 6d bright violet, 1895 d (green) on 3d pale brown & d (green & red) on 3d red-brown x2, 1899 d yellow & 1901 2d blue. 19 items.
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WEA103: Western Australia
1888 Wmk Crown CA 1d carmine-pink, 2d grey, 4d red-brown handstamped SPECIMEN type WA1 SG103s/105s (275)
Price 125
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